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Fan-blog on AKB48's Minegishi/Kizaki Team 4,
with a focus on the 13th generation.

I post and reblog about my favorite team as well as its former members who were transferred during the Daisokaku Matsuri.

I also do translations of certain members' Google+ posts as time permits.

Back from Japan! And wow, where do I even begin? Japan was incredible! I’ll keep it brief because I didn’t sleep much on the plane, am still on JST, and therefore zzzzzzz. 

I went with my parents and brother. We decided to join a tour group since it was our first time in Japan and I’m the only one who knows any Japanese (and my Japanese sucks, as I found out, X_X lol). It started in Tokyo and went to Kyoto through Nagoya and Nara. Finally we spent a couple days on our own in Osaka. 

We were rushing around a lot on the tour, but we got to see lots of places that we would never have gotten to on our own like the Tsukiji fish market (which involved waking up at 3:00 AM since they only allow 120 visitors a day). I love Japanese architecture so I really enjoyed seeing the various shrines we saw (especially the massive Todaiji temple), and walking around the streets of Kyoto.

But my favorite place was definitely Osaka! I guess it’s because we didn’t have a guide there and got to explore a lot more, That sort of urban sightseeing was something I didn’t really get to do before, even in Tokyo since we were bussed around most of the time there. 

It’s weird but…there’s realizing that you’re just a blip in the lives of the people passing by who each have their own story written in and around the buildings that surround you, and in this case don’t even speak the same language. I love that feeling, and after spending 5 years at school in the middle of nowhere I longed for it. I’m a city person I guess? XD (takoyaki being my favorite Japanese food didn’t hurt either…)

Ah, and now I’m just rambling. 

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