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Fan-blog on AKB48's Minegishi/Kizaki Team 4,
with a focus on the 13th generation.

I post and reblog about my favorite team as well as its former members who were transferred during the Daisokaku Matsuri.

I also do translations of certain members' Google+ posts as time permits.

Since we were on a tour, I didn’t get to do much shopping until we got to Osaka, so instead of getting a tetsuna DVD as I planned, I went for my second favorite team. ^^ I also bought a Tsugi no Ashiato (mostly for the handshake vids), and a Mr. Children Album based on Yuurin’s suggestion. lol 

And then there were pictures; I got a few XD I couldn’t find Yuiri or Miichan’s theater photo, but I think this was a good selection.

Odd that they photoshopped Ayanan’s mole out of the theater photo…lol

I also got various things for my friends of course (sake vases and the like…also got one for myself =P).

Ok now sleep x_x

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